Survey / Stake-Out

Connect it, turn it on and it’s done ! Cadwork can read measurements from a Total Station and trace points, lines and surfaces directly in 3D. Measurements are accurate to the millimeter in field survey as in stake-out. Terrain, interior, facade, roof, etc… Everything you see can be implemented in the cadwork suite and of course, without scaffolding and securely.

Simplify everything

Leica Builder and Hilti Pos are compatible devices with our modelers.

Pair your device in real-time or import your survey through a USB stick to base your design, your measurements and your production on reliable and extremely accurate measurements.

The dynamic mode (direct connection to the pc) brings a real time and simplified visualization allowing you to quickly handle data.


Building utilities :

  • Different measurement points took by a tacheometer (existing building, slab survey, etc…) are transmitted directly to cadwork 3D.
  • The result then appears in real time as nodes, lines and surfaces in cadwork 3D and cadwork Design.
  • The drawing can then be revised directly in cadwork 3D and returned to the tacheometer. The device will point with extreme precision at the changes made directly on site.

Civil Engineering :

  • A three-dimensional terrain survey made by a surveyor using a tacheometer can simply and quickly be modeled in cadwork 3D via the Terrain module.
  • It is then possible to design and draw a structure in cadwork 3D taking into account the real topography in order to exploit various information such as:
  • Fill volume / Excavation
  • Topographic data for stake-out
  • Production data (construction on sloped ground)
  • Landscape integration
  • Video Player



  • Accurate measurements without reflector – Direct link with cadwork 3D – Recommended for interior design
  • A 3D DISTO is a unique instrument that captures and reflects accurate three-dimensional measurements. The speed and accuracy of a 3D DISTO offers an unmatched efficiency for applications such as:

Creating CAD/CAM models :

  • Fabrication on a CNC machine will exactly match the quality of your file. The 3D DISTO is a bridge between reality and your CAD/CAM model. When you make custom cuts and you know that the original measurements are accurate, you can cut the most expensive materials in total confidence.
  • 3D visualization and navigation: The Leica DISTO 3D software now updated for smart devices using Windows® will display the results in 3 dimensions.
  • With 3D navigation, it’s even easier to verify the measured points.

Measurements in accordance with the execution:

The best way to eliminate future surprises on a job site is to know where you started. The 3D DISTO captures exact 3D coordinates with the precision needed for planning. If you are working with expensive materials that are difficult to cut or transport or even some that are processed off-site, “as-built” measurements are essential.

Building Information Modeling (BIM):

  • Transfer DXF data directly into your Windows tablet and use 3D DISTO to stake anchor points, transfer heights or verify critical parts of your construction.
  • Whatever you do with your 3D DISTO, accuracy is essential. The function determines the shape and that is why the 3D DISTO looks like a fusion between a surveyor robot and a portable DISTO.
  • The horizontal and vertical motorized rotation axes of the 3D DISTO are like an automated turret; Manually move the laser point close to the right starting point then aim with the video by tapping the target on the image of the control unit or on a Windows tablet. Then, watch the 3D DISTO rotate and tilt until the laser dot is right in the center of the cross.
  • The laser is pretty stunning with its accuracy of 1 mm to 10 m (± 1/16″ to 33′). In fact, to take measurements of this accuracy, the device uses a technique borrowed from topographic equipment (it measures an horizontal angle, a vertical angle and a slope distance and then converts them into XYZ coordinates).


The Leica BLK360 scanner makes it possible to record a construction project much more comprehensively than with a total station or 3D Disto. Not just individual points are measured, but entire point clouds comprising millions of individual points. The advantage is that you can take the entire virtual model of the building from the construction site to the office. A 3D scan is produced in a short time, depending on the set measuring accuracy and the size of the construction project. The device can also be moved to new positions in between. The point clouds of the individual measurements are automatically combined by the Leica software into a large point cloud.

The more complete recording of the buildings is purchased with 3D scanning with slightly lower accuracy compared to single-point measurement with the total station. For higher accuracies, there are better quality scanners on the market, or you can combine the measurement method of the BLK360 with the total station.


cadwork has been a reseller of Leica total stations, 3D distos and BLK360 scanners for many years. When you buy from cadwork, you have one main contact person for all your questions and at the same time you benefit from the favorable conditions for the connection of the 3D cadwork total station. Further information can be found in the module description for the connection of the cadwork total station.