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Who are we !

In 1980, the CSEM started a research team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne (Switzerland) with the goal to develop the CAD system cadwork. Upon completion of the KWF research project in 1988, the former EPFL team founded cadwork informatique SA with its headquarters in Basel (Switzerland) and a development center in Lausanne (Switzerland). In 1992 Cadwork started a second development center, the cadwork Software GmbH in Hildesheim (Germany). This development center is now responsible for all aspects of timber construction. Since 1988 a total of 18 branches and sales offices in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Canada were founded. Cadwork develops and distributes the cadwork 3D-CAD/CAM system. The software is designed for professional use in all fields of timber construction as well as building in general. All members of our development and marketing team are professionals from the construction industry. 


What do we do ?

Thanks to our practical experience and close cooperation with our customers and research institutions cadwork has evolved to the leading 3D-CAD/CAM-solution in the timber industry. The consistent implementation of the practical requirements is the focus of our development. cadwork was able to set new levels in that industry, due to a high commitment in research and development and its continued cooperation with research institutions and equipment manufacturers. Our sales and support team does not see itself as a pure sales organization. The main focus is the continuous customer service. This covers general hardware and software support, client specific development and optimization of systems and procedures as well as advice on building related problems. Currently 18 cadwork locations worldwide guarantee for optimal customer care. All employees in sales and customer service are highly skilled using the cadwork software, but also have extensive expertise in timber construction.

2022 Montreal Team Portrait

In 2003, thanks to a radical increase of American and Canadian cadwork clients, a sub-branch of cadwork was founded in Montreal (under the scope of Cadwork SA Blonay) by Laurent Decosterd and his wife, Barbara Decosterd. In June 2010, Laurent and Barbara became the proud owners of cadwork Montreal in charge of CanadaUSA, Australia and New Zealand. The customers can always count on our dynamic cadwork Montreal team with its President  Laurent Decosterd and Head of Finance/Administration, Barbara Decosterd, Jean-Sébastien Paquet at Development, Bertrand Eyffred and Léo Clémenceau at Sales, Training and Support and Emma Decosterd and Lili Decosterd at Administration. Based in Alice Springs Australia, Crispin Egli joined the team in 2019 and is taking care of the Australasian markets. Our main area of activities range from sales to support as well as trainings for these countries.