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As from the very beginning, cadwork has always made a point of honor to offer students coming from all fields of wood construction the opportunity to use our software for educational purposes.

The students, teachers and schools have access to the full and original version of cadwork and is not limited in its functionalities (Probuild package).
The partnership between students, schools and cadwork is based on trust. We provide you with a powerful and unlimited version of the software but except that the licence is only used for educational purposes and in no way to make profit out of it.

The student version is only available for students following a course in schools accredited by cadwork. 

You are a teacher or a school and wish to install our software in your school? Don't hesitate to contact our cadwork office in Montreal at

Should you wish to order the student version, please fill the form at the bottom of this page.


As a student, you have the opportunity to order a cadwork licence which will allow you to immediately put into practice the knowledge acquired during your training.


  • Submission of valid study certificate (see form below) and full payment
  • Professional version of cadwork, not limited in its functionalities
  • The licence may only be used for study and personal training purposes.
  • Commercial use strictly prohibited


Single amount of 100$ to be paid once your certificate is validated. It is used to cover the license management fees (individual and online purchase).


The license is valid for the duration of the studies. The use code is issued for a school year, then can be extended as needed and free of charge upon presentation of a valid study certificate.

Renewal of the student license:

Send an email to filial you depend on (according to your home address) with a valid study certificate for the current school year and your license will be renewed free of charge.

Replacing a key (damaged or lost):

If you lose the key, you can recommend a new one at a preferential price in the SHOP.

Delivery address for the USB key:
If your home address differs from your delivery address, please mention it during your order so that the USB key is delivered to the correct address.

Deadline for sending:
Upon receipt of your payment confirmation and your valid study certificate, a processing time of at least 7 working days is required (excluding the shipping deadline).


cadwork already has excellent collaboration with more than 200 partner institutions around the world, providing an ever-growing training network for students.

The cadwork software is thus made available to educational institutions training in carpentry, wood construction, building, architecture, and other courses related to wood construction.

If they have at least one person trained on the software, authorized institutions may benefit from the educational version free of charge. cadwork then installs as many stations as necessary within the establishment.


The license for students would not provide good results without proper training and guaranteeing optimal use.
For many years, thanks to a close collaboration, a relationship of trust has been established between teachers and cadwork. This is why cadwork also offers a free licence for teachers who have undergone training.

Basic principles:

  • The teacher benefits from the original version of cadwork – professional version, not limited in its features.
  • Activation of machine modules is possible upon request.
  • The licence is to be used for educational and training purposes only. Commercial use strictly prohibited under penalties.
  • The teacher receives a personal and non-transferable USB key

Your school is already equipped, and you want to get your teacher version licence? Would you like to know more about the terms and conditions of the Teacher licence?

Do not hesitate to contact your cadwork branch.


A student license can be converted into a graduate degree.

The conversion to a Graduate version must be requested in writing to your cadwork branch. The contact information of the company in which the graduate is working must be communicated to cadwork.

The Graduate version is free if the student is already in possession of a Student version and of the cadwork USB key. If the graduate does not yet have a Personal Student version, he can purchase a Personal Graduate version under the same conditions as the Student version.

The duration of the Graduate version is limited to 6 months.


Students or trainees doing an internship in a company equipped with cadwork have the possibility to benefit from the Student version.

To do so, simply order the Student version online in the cadwork shop.

The company has the possibility to buy the licence for the trainee, but the licence will belong to the trainee.

In cases of very short traineeships (less than 2 months), or if the trainee is not in a cadwork accredited school, the application can be examined on a case-by-case basis.

The company hosting the trainee must in any case be under a maintenance contract and have its software up to date.

Requests must be made by the company by telephone or by email to your cadwork branch.