User Meetings

User Meetings

Program and Online Registrations Available
Version 30 SP 2024 Users' Meetings and Webinars 2024

Dear cadwork clients and users,

It is once again the time of year to invite you to our users’ meetings. This year is special in a sense that you have already been able to install V30 Service Pack 2024 through an update. Our goal is to make sure you know what has been improved but we also feel doing some workshops will be beneficial, to show you how to integrate the latest tools available in cadwork. Therefore, we have picked some hot subjects like BIM, Mass Timber, panelized constructions… to have a more hands-on meeting. Here's the Program of the Day.

We look forward to seeing you in person while presenting our SP2024, and we most definitely are excited to hear you share your experiences and ideas with us. For those unable to attend, we will run 4 webinars in June, which will be recorded.

We almost forgot, but we are also thrilled about our new office! Indeed, after a few months in boxes and building partitions, we have finally settled down and have a nice working environment with a new training room ready to welcome you all.

Take the opportunity to register, you and your colleagues are invited!

Your Cadwork team

Conditions to register :

- Staff members/users should check with their management whether they can register.
- The maintenance fee for 2024 has to be paid in full at the latest 1 week prior to the event in order to register.
- New clients still under maintenance warranty or software rental clients can join for free.
- Out of maintenance contract firms can join the webinars but will be required to make a payment of $350 (taxes not included) per person, payable upon receipt of our invoice via credit card (convenience fee applies) and at the latest 1 week prior to the event.

Should you wish more information, please give us a ring at +1 514 524 2442 or email at


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