Mass Timber

Because some projects are extraordinary, choose an extraordinary tool. The power of 3D combined with the most advanced technology for collaborative work.

Cadwork for Mass Timber

...The power to achieve incredible projects...

Cadwork is the only software tailored for wood constructions that offers flexibility and automation when needed. From the smallest to the biggest projects, our software will do the job!


CNC Machine Interface

How much is your CNC equipment worth when you cannot use it properly and take full advantage of it's capabilities? With cadwork you can count on over 25 years of experience in the field of CNC prefabrication. Our close relationship with machine manufacturers ensure that our software is always on top of the latest developments. Whether you are using a saw, a 3-5 axis router or a panel line, cadwork makes sure you can move from the model to fabrication quickly and accurately.

BIM Champion

Our software suite offers all the tools you need from concept to installation. But it would not be complete without the ability to relay information to the rest of the world. Indeed, cadwork is capable of reading and writing multiple file formats like DWG/DXF (AutoCAD...) and we are pioneers since we have been supporting IFC files for more than a decade. IFC is the standard BIM format that enables CAD packages to share models. Cadwork can take Sketchup, Revit and many other models like ArchiCAD to move to fabrication without loosing crucial data.

Intuitive Tool

With cadwork, the learning curve is quick thanks to the user-friendly features and the software's realistic logic. It only takes 2 days to grasp the software basics and a few more for more sophisticated features like CNC export. New staff members will be up and running quickly which is important in a fast pace economy. Our software suite is also highly customizable even for those without a programming background.

Drawings in an Instant

Extracting shop drawings from a 3D model can be a tedious task depending on the software you are using. With cadwork it can be done in a few clicks. With cadwork integrates several features creating drawings for individual items, panels, modules, site assembly, and more. Layouts of all drawings can be customized easily and panels as well as individual items are extracted with dimensions and labels.

Bill of Material and Optimization

An accurate bill of material is not only important for managing your stock and ordering the right quantity from your suppliers, it is also useful for cost estimation and to make sure you have the right item at the right place in the shop or onsite. The cadwork list module can be formated freely to list any items represented in 3D. Hardware such as bolts, hangers as well as lumber, timber, shealthing, I-joist or electrical, plumbing and openings can be extracted from your model in a spreadsheet format. Our list module can also be used to optimize material consumption and reduce offcuts of you lumber or I-joists. Should you have to communicate with an ERP or simply Excel, the list module offers multiple file formats like cvs and xls. You also have the ablity to include lists in your shop drawings, making sure nothing is missing in your panels or modules.

Hoisting and Transport

Our hoisting tool allows you to easily generate the hosting means to set up on your CLT panels. Similarly, you will have the possibility to organize your transport depending on the phases of your project and the specific plans of loading can be generated.


Directly from your 3D module, you can extract optimized nesting drawings of your panels, with the possibility to interact directly and efficiently with Optinest from Boole & Partner. Your results may be exported in the form of side plans, lists of materials and even sent to CNC machines.

Ian Granville
Post assembly

WebGL Viewer

From now on, no need for a pluggin or add-on software to be able to manipulate a 3D model view. indeed, the WebGL export of cadwork 3D is an html file that can be opened in any internet browser and does not require an internet connection to use. The format is multi-platform and can be viewed on a computer, tablet or even on a smartphone. In addition to being able to view and filter your model, you will have access to many tools. Allowing you to take action, guide your model, add shadows and even add a terrain for a more realistic rendering. You will also have the freedom to move "on foot" inyour model. Virtual reality is also available thanks to the compatibility with Cardboard and Oculus Rift.

Leica Total Station

The direct connection between your Leica Total Station 3D to cadwork allows for optimal measurement accuracy on site. In 'as built' mode, the existing elements are measured by means of a Laser beam and directly sent in 3D cadwork. In "layout" mode, the data of your 3D model is transferred to your station and can be projected on site with precision.

...The connection of our clients, our international presence, the experience and expertise of our team guarantee a safe investment...