Terrain Design

With cadwork maps, you can generate a terrain without a surveyor for free. 1 – Enter the address of the terrain 2 – Set the resolution 3 – Click to integrate the terrain in cadwork-Lexocad For this, all you need is an internet connection.


Because every construction is unique and depends on its environment, cadwork offers cadwork Maps, a tool for fast and 3D download of a terrain from the map.

The integration of your design then makes a lot more sense, both during its planning and its presentation.



Based on the Maps API, the accuracy is 1 point every 15m which is sufficient to integrate the map and make fast calculations of excavation. However, it is, for example, insufficient for a building permit.

Once your terrain has been downloaded, the cadwork module allows you to use the Search tool or to correct the triangulation with the help of a surveyer’s survey (paid option) always keeping in mind to build a land volume as close to reality as possible.