Community Center



The community center consists of a large room and a gallery extending device against an existing building (old station), the study was conducted by our client Teckcicéa. The great room has a domed roof, the base is included for half of a semicircle and the other half is an ellipse. The eve of the dome roof is connected to the hall, with the gallery located parallel against the existing building.


The frame of the hall consists of two central arcs 20.00 m span over which 16 are seated half-arcs of range variables (about 9.00 to 11.00 m), the set of arcs and a half -arcs are connected by a belt-length metal HEA profile. The gallery consists of a network of girders and rafters resting on metal studs.


Community Center

Project Information

Structural Engineer
Teckicea (
Mass Timber
Stephen Lazaro Sarl