Cable Car Station



The new Prodains Express gondola connects the ski resorts of Morzine (locality the Prodains) and Avoriaz (74).

The frame of the gondola from bottom station consists of 3 different ranges of building sections. The framework of the departure station covers all machinery, equipment rooms and access to the gondola. Each building section is made up of arches to 3 feet joints taking support on concrete abutments and articulated the ridge.
Section A is formed by 6 arc of 29.50 m span, section B is formed by four arches of 28.00 m span and the C section is formed by five arches of 19.80 m span. building sections are interconnected by a span of left roof. A seismic expansion joint was performed between the body B and C.


Building on these sections formed by the arcs come to take support 4 awnings paraboloid-hyperbolic shape. 4 awnings are not trained hyperbolic shells taking support on concrete abutments. The hyperbolic shape is defined by awnings rights rafters, taking support on the banks; the shell effect is achieved by the wood decking three layers overlying each canopy. In addition to the particular forms awnings, other technical features of this embodiment are the seismic design in mountain areas and the inclusion of a crane total weight of 9.70 tons suspended from the arches for maintenance necessities the machinery of the gondola.


Cable Car Station

Project Information

Wood Volume
220 m3 of LC