Côte-du-Sud Microbrewery in Montmagnny

Art Massif

Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec, Canada
Steve Desrosiers
Art Massif


The Côte-du-Sud microbrewery in Montmagny has recently opened doors. The project was developed by Larochelle & Desmeules Architectes in close collaboration with Art Massif who, in recent years and all over the province (Quebec), are bringing creative and ingenious glue-laminated wood structures to the market. Those infinite possibilities are only waiting for new challenges.


This new building on Boulevard Taché in Montmagny is a good example. From a portion of the existing building, the objectives were to make the building bigger by adding a floor with a deck partly covered by the extension of the roof structure. Also, another goal was to provide a large space for brewing beer in house. One can not miss the unique structure enlightening the beams and wooden posts giving the building its warm character. According to Geneviève Constancis, Development and Representation Director at Art Massif, “The particular shape of the roof was a huge challenge in the design of connection joints and in manufacturing. The fact that the rafters are all converging towards a point while crossing a curved surface makes each rafter unique (they all have their own radius) which required a particular machining. It was necessary to make unique cuts for each piece! »

Geneviève Constancis, Director of Development and Representation at Art Massif. Ref


Art Massif adapts, in a customized approach, the beam&column construction technique assembled by steel joints for commercial and industrial structures. The resulting constructions offer durability, stability and incomparable solidity. We are proud, at Cadwork, to offer software solutions addressing the challenges of laminated wood construction, facilitating the steps from 3D design to fabrication and therefore, to help promote the use of wood for innovative companies.


Côte-du-Sud Microbrewery in Montmagnny

Project Information

Boulevard Taché in Montmagny, Quebec, Canada
Larochelle & Desmeules Architectes
Mass Timber
Art Massif