The cadwork WebGL export gives you the option to publish your 3D model quickly and easily on your website or to share it as an HTML file. The model can be opened on any devices: PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet, etc… Most importantly, nothing has to be installed except a modern web browser.


With cadwork, you can convert your 3D models to an HTML5 (WebGL) format. The file can be opened directly in a web browser without the need to install another software. Our WebViewer has multiple functionalities including:

  • Walkthrough
  • Virtual Reality using Cardboard, Oculus, HTC
  • Dynamic section
  • Ability to load terrain for a specific location
  • Sun path and shadows based on Geo location
  • Measure distance, angle and coordinate
  • QR code reader to link model with drawings and labels
  • Custom logo (Pro version)
  • Building simulation (Pro version)
  • Save custom settings (Pro version)


The WebGL export is included for free in all cadwork solutions… So why would you not use it?