Building Information Modeling (BIM) has emerged in recent years as the new way of thinking about the building from its design to its construction.


Created to increase communication and productivity, BIM is essentially based on synergizing the expertise of all the different contributors involved in the construction of a building. Cadwork has always adopted this BIM philosophy of intelligent design where each volume is associated with geometric, production or economical information. For more than 25 years, cadwork has been able to design digital models in its 3D modeler by helping the designer with tools specially made for him. BIM (Building Information Modeling), a new step that consists in globalizing the digital model to all of the construction trades. At the end, it’s a matter of designing a digital model that is even more complete and that won’t only include the structural information, but also architecture, HVAC, electricity information etc…


Thanks to the IFC Import/Export module and the IFC language (universal data exchange format used to convert a native format into a universal format), cadwork is able to import architectural data. These will allow you to rely on your architect’s design, without errors when entering dimensions or reading plans. Each actor can then benefit from the know-how of his collaborators and capitalize his own expertise in an ideally unique file. Take any 3D element from any typical architectural software, metal structure software, concrete structure software or HVAC calculation software and directly import them in cadwork. Once the production part is completed, cadwork allows you once more to transmit your data to the global digital model through the use of the IFC language. In order to respect the BIM process, only the information from cadwork needs to be exported to produce the structural part and production of the digital model. As always, the powerful support of our team made of professionals with the advice of our BIM experts is brought to you. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our collaborators that are responsible of your area.


Cadwork has successfully passed the IFC 2×3 Import certification. For you, this is the assurance of using reliable software that is compatible with your process. Cadwork has passed all the tests without exception… who else can say that?

Are you curious? Go to the Building SMART site to view the certification report or view it directly here :