cadwork 2D is the module that puts your ideas on a flat plan. Your model is generated, but it is still necessary to transmit the information to the different actors.


The DLT menu “Design Like you Think” or “Draw as you think” is cadwork’s secret making our products easy to use in production after only 2 days of training. DLT is the shortest path between what you think and the action of drawing. Simple verbs describing an action on the active elements. Draw naturally and intuitively even if you are not a computer pro. Are you both at the office and on the construction site? To try cadwork DLT is to love it. No need to repeat training between two sessions of use or leave your mouse on the icons to remember what actions they are associated with. Think, draw, stop, go to sleep and pick up where you left off.



cadwork 2D is like an infinite drawing board that is connected with all the other cadwork tools. Used alone or in the different cadwork packs, it allows you to make exceptional plans and, thanks to the cadwork modelers, you can be sure of getting accurate plans quickly. Its interoperability is perfect with the PDF, DXF or DWG integration and its generic output to all softwares on the market. Choosing cadwork 2D is choosing quality.


The cadwork 2D module is in fact a 2.5D CAD system for two-dimensional data processing, but it can also obtain information on heights. Each element can actually be an extrusion directly projectable in 3D.