Timber Frame / Post and Beam

Do you know the advantages of using a 3D modeler? Your only limitations are the ones you impose on yourself. Whatever you imagine, you can draw it. Get off the beaten track and the formatting, cadwork is your tool and you control it.


With cadwork, the learning curve is quick thanks to user-friendly features and the software's practical logic. It only takes 2 days to grasp the software basics and a few more for other sophisticated features like CNC export. Our extensive connections library is at your fingertips including common wood to wood connections like mortise and tenon, dovetails, shoulders, scarfs and many others. Solving complex roof layouts is easy and modeling hips and valley rafters becomes quick as well as fun.

New staff members will be up and running quickly which is important in a fast pace economy. Our software suite is also highly customizable even for those without a programming background.

Pacific Timber Frame details


Extracting shop drawings from a 3D model can be a tedious task depending on the software you are using. With cadwork it can be done in a few clicks. cadwork integrates several features creating drawings for individual items like purlins, rafters, hips, valleys... but also for SIP, light frame panels, site assembly, and more. Layouts of all drawings can be customized easily. Panels as well as individual timbers are extracted with dimensions and labels.


An accurate bill of material is not only important for managing your stock and ordering the right quantity of board feet, square feet or items from your suppliers, it is also useful for cost estimation and to make sure you have the right item at the right place in the shop or onsite. The cadwork list module can be formated freely to list any items represented in 3D. Hardware such as pegs, screws, bolts, as well as lumber, timber, sheathing, I-joist or electrical, plumbing and openings can be extracted from your model in a spreadsheet format. Our list module can also be used to optimize material consumption and reduce offcuts of timbers. It will tell you how many 16' and 18' of 8x10 you will need. Should you have to communicate with an ERP or simply Excel, the list module offers multiple file formats such as; csv, txt and xlsx.

Kicking Horse Bridge