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Cadwork for Log Construction

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Cadwork is the only software tailored for wood constructions that offers flexibility and automation when needed.

From the smallest to the biggest projects, our software will do the job!

CNC Machine Interface

How much is your CNC equipment worth when you cannot use it properly and take full advantage of it`s capabilities? With cadwork you can count on over 25 years of experience in the field of CNC prefabrication. Our close relationship with machine manufacturers ensure that our software is always on top of the latest developments. Whether you are using a saw, a 3-5 axis router or a panel line, cadwork makes sure you can move from the model to fabrication quickly and accurately.

Powerful, Automatic Modeling

Modeling your project 1 log at a time can be a tedious task. Our Element module speeds up the modeling process. Our library enables you to integrate your dovetail, saddle notch, or any details needed for a project. Element module details are not only used for walls but also floors and roof panels, using lumber, steel, or insulation if necessary. The framing process is automated based on your custom log profiles, your rules and the result can easily be modified by moving/adding logs, blockings, electrical, plumbing and even steel shapes provided in our standard library.

Drawings in an Instant

Extracting shop drawings from a 3D model can be a monotonous exercise depending on the software you are using. With cadwork it can be done in a few clicks. Cadwork integrates several features creating drawings for individual items, panels, modules, site assembly, and more. Layouts of all drawings can be customized easily and panels as well as individual items are extracted with dimensions and labels.


Built for Log Homes

This is not simply a software that allows you to draw beams that are shaped as logs, this program is designed specifically for log construction. There is a library of connection details, dovetail settings, lap settings, so any workflow that is needed to model a log home will be available for you. Be it full scribe, post & beam, hybrid, or timberframe, cadwork is perfect for a log home builder.

Intuitive Tool

With cadwork, the learning curve is quick thanks to the user-friendly features and the software's realistic logic. It only takes 21 days to grasp the software basics and a few more for more sophisticated features like CNC export. New staff members will be up and running quickly which is important in a fast pace economy. Our software suite is also highly customizable even for those without a programming background.

WebGL Viewer

From now on, no need for a pluggin or add-on software to be able to manipulate a 3D model view. Indeed, the WebGL export of cadwork 3D is a html file that can be opened in any internet browser and does not require an internet connection to use. The format is multi-platform and can be viewed on a computer, tablet or even on a smart phone. In addtion to being able to view and filter your model, you will have access to many tools. Allowing you to take action, guide your model, add shadows and even add a pitch for a more realistic rendering. You will also have the freedom to move "on foot" in your model. Virtual reality is also available thanks to the compatibility with Cardboard and Oculus Rift.

Bill of Material and Optimization

An accurate bill of material is not only important for managing your stock and ordering the right quantity from your suppliers, it is also useful for cost estimation and to make sure you have the right item at the right place in the shop or onsite. The cadwork list module can be formated freely to list any items represented in 3D. Hardware such as bolts, hangers as well as lumber, timber, sheathing, I-joist or electrical, plumbing and openings can be extracted from your model in a spreadsheet format. Our list module can also be used to optimize material consumption and reduce offcuts of your lumber. Should you have to communicate with an ERP or simply Excel, the list module offers multiple file formats like csv and xls. You also have the ability to include lists in your shop drawings, making sur nothing is missing in your panels or modules.

The confidence of our clients, our international presence, the experience and expertise of our team guarantees a safe investment...