Hybrid Construction

For a refined and diversified aesthetic, nothing beats combining different materials such as wood, steel, concrete, glass and much more.


cadwork is the only construction software that adapts to you, that offers you automation only when you want it, and that can guide you through the smaller construction jobs all the way to the largest construction sites. Flexibility and the ultimate speed a software can provide, all at the tip of your fingers. The only limitations in 3d modeling are the ones you impose on yourself. Whatever you imagine, you can draw it. Get off the beaten path and your routines, cadwork 3D is the ultimate tool and you are the one controlling it.



Steel construction is very similar to wood construction, with its fixed and mobile support beams. The flexibility and organization in construction as well as planning are often required immediately.

In 3D, all commercially available steel profiles are available in libraries. Ditto for a multitude of assembly details and connections.